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Rental & Made-to-measure Dresses, Gowns and Men’s Suits

Beautiful brides deserve gorgeous gowns. Imagine soft, dreamy creations that will take your breath away or rich, luxurious gowns sporting exquisite beadwork that will wow all your guests. Whatever you desire, we offer the most up-to-date bridal collection designed exclusively by some of Malaysia’s most talented fashion designers.

And even if you’re not a bride, you’ll still be able to find something from our wide collection of cocktail dresses, evening wear, bridesmaid’s dresses and kua’s for your prom night, garden party, gala ball or annual dinner. Not forgetting your groom or best man, we offer custom-made and suits for rental so that you’ll always be the best dressed couple at your event.
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Pre-Wedding Photography

No two wedding albums are the same. Make yours unique with the help of our capable and highly experienced photographers. They’ll assist you in capturing every moment of your journey into matrimonial bliss in full colour and detail.

From our very own bungalow backdrop to lakes, gardens and favourite tourist spots, we’ll bring you to enchanting venues that will serve as the perfect backdrop to declare your everlasting love. Or go the extra mile to Bali, Japan, or Rome to photograph your excitement at starting a new life together.
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Special Occasion Photography

Throughout your life, you’ll experience special moments. Like the thrill of graduating or the exhilaration of getting engaged, the happiness of being pronounced husband and wife or the joy of becoming a mother, the delight of welcoming your firstborn, countless birthdays, anniversaries and family functions.

Special moments come and go. Once you miss them, you’ll never be able to repeat those magical moments you hold so dear. Your special day deserves a special photograph, or even a complete photo album to preserve those extraordinary memories that come only once in a lifetime.
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Events Photography

What better way to remember an important event by than with stylish, timeless and professional photographs of your corporate function, company launch or annual dinner. Our team of photographers are accomplished, competent, and just as versatile at shooting candid shots as they are at taking professional pictures.

And their talent doesn’t stop there. They’re also adept at bringing out the serious side in you for pictures designed to fit corporate profiles and annual reports. Just let our professionally trained and highly skilled photographers work their magic and you won’t be disappointed.

Make-up for Weddings and Special Occasions

Put your trust in us… and we’ll make you look the most beautiful you’ll ever be on your wedding day. We’ll share with you the beauty secrets to having flawless skin. We’ll apply just the right amount of makeup to add a sparkle to your eyes, use the prettiest shade of blush to make you glow and find the exact lipstick colour to create the perfect pout.

Party, bridal and dinner makeup differs from day-to-day makeup. With our team of make-up experts, you can rest assured that you’re in good hands. Whether for day or night, indoor or outdoor, let our beauty professionals transform you into a stunning beauty.

Event Videography

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but a video is worth a million smiles. While a camera is perfect for shooting still shots, a video is able to portray movement and inject life into film. Nothing compares to the advanced technology videography offers to document your story from beginning to end in high definition.
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Bridal Dress Rental & Tailor Made